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2018 Sale Bulls


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2018, 1PM at Twedt Red Angus

Lot 54

Ressler Conversion 735

DOB: 3/2/2017 | Tag: 735
SIRE: Silveiras Conversion 8064
DAM: Laflins Farrah 0252
Registration No.: 18962037

This is a rare opportunity to own a FULL brother of the $100,000 Select Sires stud bull, SAC Conversation. He is a phenotypic stand out worthy of your consideration. We kept every single Conversation heifer, each one exudes style, depth and extreme eye appeal. We predict that you will want to keep every one of the daughters as they will exhibit the same feminine package.

Lot 55

Ressler Conversation 718

DOB: 2/24/2017 Tag: 718
SIRE: SAC Conversation
DAM: EA Madame Pride 0040
Registration No.: 624612179

Ressler Conversation 718 comes from a carefully chosen mating that resulted in a bull expansive in his rib, wide across his top, and stands down with extra base in his hind quarter. He's out of one of our best donor cows. She raised Accelerated Genetics stud bull, Ellingson Secretary 2011. The full sisters out of this mating look PHENOMINAL. They are easy fleshing, deep ribbed, and thick into the hind quarter.

Lot 56

Ressler All In 701

DOB: 2/15/2017 Tag: 701
SIRE: Dear Valley All In
DAM: RAR Mentor 646 R307
Registration No.: 18961482

Increase profitability with his consistently high scores in the $Value department and an impressive +117 YW. His dam started her career with a weaning ratio of 3@106 and he earned an individual weaning ratio of 109. 701 demonstrates that ideal Angus breed phenotype, flare through his shoulder, square through his hip, and depth in his rib.

Lot 57

Ressler Conversation 726

DOB: 2/26/2017
SIRE: SAC Conversation
DAM: EA Madame Pride 0040
Registration No.: 624612181

Here is a phenotypic standout with lots of capacity and volume through his midsection. This bulls dam raised Ellingson Secretary 2011, purchased by Accelerated Genetics. Don't miss this opportunity to own a maternal brother that sold for $30,000, one that will raise the bar with his offspring.

Lot 58

Ressler Fortress 728

DOB: 2/26/2017 Tag: 728
SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress
DAM: Mogck Elba 2040
Registration No.: 18954130

Ressler Fortress 728 has dominated his peers in overall power and performance. He is in the top 1% for WW and YW, the top 2% for $W $F and the top 10% for YH, Milk, and Fat. Compile all that into a naturally thick and deep sided bull with sound foot and leg structure. He should sire powerfully constructed progeny that will increased profitability.

Lot 59

Ressler Recharge 725

DOB: 2/26/2017 Tag: 725
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: RAR Mentor 828 Z217
Registration No.: 18962644

What a specimen. Width from top to bottom and extra substance in his bone. This bull comes from a cow that consistently throws the light BW calves and then turns around and weans them off heavy with a WR of 4@104. He has the ability to add extreme performance to a set of feeder calves with a +121 YW. A maternal brother sold to Zach Hintze of Tappen, ND.

Lot 60

Ressler BANK NOTE 708

DOB: 2/21/2017 Tag: 708
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: BR Ruby 529X
Registration No.: 18962703

A stout Bank Note son possessing extra muscle mass, bone substance, and boldness of rib. He has that phenotypic balance and power that will fulfill the genomic and phenotypic goals you are striving for. With a modest birth weight, +11 CE and an Adj WW of 778, he should sire consistently moderate birth weight calves that perform at weaning time. You cannot miss with this bull.

Lot 61

Ressler Bank Note 704

DOB: 3/12/2017 Tag: 704
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: Ressler S Entello 425
Registration No.: 18962723

A stout Bank Note son that exhibits expressive muscle, easy fleshing ability, and a spacious rib capacity. Use all that to improve not only the look of your calves but also their carcass scores. This bull's dam has just started her career and started it right with a weaning ratio of 2@104 and comes from a long line of calving ease in her pedigree.

Lot 62

Ressler Big Sky 711

DOB: 2/22/2017 Tag: 711
SIRE: Musgrave Big Sky
DAM: B/R Ruby 529
Registration No.: 18961985

A definite phenotypic stand out full of muscle and natural thickness down his top, through his hind quarter and into his base. He is ranking in the top 4% of the Angus breed for Milk and weaned off at 815 lbs. He should sire extra performance, pounds at weaning, and extra dollars on sale day.

Lot 63

Ressler Recharge 738

DOB: 3/3/2017 Tag: 738
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: RAR Mentor H516 R165
Registration No.: 18962669

Ressler Recharge 738 has commanded our attention every time we walk in the pen. He is extremely expressive in his muscling, stands down in his circumference of bone, is tremendously wide over his top and has expansive depth in his rib. He is out of a model angus broody cow. Talk about increasing your profitability with the performance he will provide.

Lot 64

Ressler All In 700

DOB: 2/13/2017 Tag: 738
SIRE: Deer Valley All In
DAM: RAR Chisum 470 Z218
Registration No.: 18962576

This bull has the potential to be your next heifer bull with a 79 lb BW and a +12 CE EPD. In addition, he weaned off at 705 lbs. It is hard to find a bull with a lower birth weight that can still crank out a weaning weight in the fall that will compete with his contemporaries. He adds serious maternal strength to your future replacement heifers especially scoring in the top 2% for CEM. That is just his numbers. Now let talk about his phenotype. He demonstrates that ideal Angus breed look, flare in his shoulder, square in his hip, and depth in his rib. What a complete package.

Lot 65

Ressler Fortress 729

DOB: 2/28/2017 Tag: 729
SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress
DAM: RAR War Alliance 805 Z205
Registration No.: 18954115

This Fortress son owns a strong and balanced set of EPDS. His natural thickness carries from his shoulders to his hindquarter and continues into his base. He is the kind of bull that will build a reputation for your feeder calves.

Lot 66

Ressler Bank Note 724

DOB: 2/28/2017 Tag: 724
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: B/R Ruby 529
Registration No.: 18962739

Ressler Bank Note 724 exhibits a smooth shoulder, deep rib, and width across his top. His dam is stamping all her progeny and her daughters have started doing the same. We like these genetics so much we retained a maternal brother for our own herd.

Lot 67

Ressler Big Sky 706

DOB: 2/20/2017 Tag: 706
SIRE: Musgrave Big Sky
DAM: B/R Ruby 529
Registration No.: 18927954

This Big Sky son is a smooth made bull with a moderate 86 lb BW, a +11 CE rating, and a 745 lb WW. He is uniformly made with the muscling carrying all the way through to his base. He should add consistent stretch and thickness to a set of calves.

Lot 68

Ressler Recharge 719

DOB: 2/24/2017 Tag: 719
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: SilverCreek Jody Expect H095
Registration No.: 18962658

Ressler Recharge 719 is out of a phenomenal cow. Last year she produced a quality bull purchase by Verlin Steppler of Montana. This year's calf is another deep barreled and naturally thick example. He exceled in the feed lot and should sire the same kind of calves. If you are looking to add performance to your females and pounds to your feeder calves, this is your bull.

Lot 69

Ressler Conversation 716

DOB: 2/23/2017 Tag: 716
SIRE: SAC Conversation
DAM: Mogck Elba 2019
Registration No.: 18962706

This Conversation bull offers cattlemen an outcross deep in his rib, thick over his top, and excellent in his foot and leg structure. With his Dam holding a weaning ratio of 7@102, an IMF ratio of 3@116 and a RE ratio 3@102, he should sire high functioning females that perform. He ranks in the top 10% for Milk, $G, and $YG.

Lot 70

Ressler Bank Note 703

DOB: 2/19/2017 Tag: 703
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: Mogck Entello 1148
Registration No.: 18962752

This moderate framed bull is naturally balanced in his shape, deep in his rib, and expressive in his muscling. Add that to a balanced set of EPD and you have a bull you can use to add stretch to his progeny and improve the carcass scores of your feeder calves. This bulls dam has a calving ease pedigree, but this year we bred her to a cow bull.

Lot 71

Ressler Bullseye 758

DOB: 3/17/2017 Tag: 758
SIRE: MOGCK Bullseye 303
DAM: Ressler S Jody 406
Registration No.: 18928033

This smooth and stylishly made Bullseye son is out of a moderately framed easy fleshing cow. She has a tight udder with small teats. This is the last year to get your hand on one of these Bullseye sons. His calves are known for producing performance driven daughters with good temperaments and steers that pack on the pounds in the feed lots. Pair that with the maternal strength found in his grand-dam, boasting a weaning ration of 11@113.

Lot 72

Ressler Bullseye 762

DOB: 3/18/2017 Tag: 762
SIRE: MOGCK Bullseye 303
DAM: RAR Connealy 828 R153
Registration No.: 624612154

This bull is out of a cow that produces a consistent type every year. He is one of the youngest on the sale and he has still earned his keep. He is a larger framed Bullseye son that will add performance, pounds, and profit to your calf crop.

Lot 73

Ressler Recharge 702

DOB: 2/16/2017 Tag: 702
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: Silver C Laus Mav GM H651
Registration No.: 18962705

Ressler Recharge 702 reigns from a prolific bloodline of broody cows. She successfully raises a top notch calf year after year. This year's calf is no different. He expresses that natural thickness through his hip and shoulder all the way into lower quarter and down into his base as well as excellent foot and leg design.

Lot 74

Ressler Recharge 705

DOB: 2/20/2017 Tag: 705
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: MOGCK Entello 108
Registration No.: 18962704

This Recharge son comes from a dam has a weaning ratio of 7@101 and IMF scores with 3 @107. He himself ranks in the top 10% carcass Fat. With his explosive growth and those genetics, he should inject pounds, profit, and carcass quality in your calves.

Lot 75

Ressler Conversation 745

DOB: 3/10/2017 Tag: 745
SIRE: SAC Conversation
DAM: EA Madame Pride 0040
Registration No.: PENDING

This is one of only 3 Conversation and Madame mattings offered in this sale. These sons provide a unique outcross for many of todays ranchers with performance running deep in the bloodlines. 745's expressive muscle pattern carries through into his thick hindquarter and his top expresses amiable dimension. We have retained every single heifer from this mating and you will want to do the same with his daughters. It truly is his maternal attributes that will command your attention.

Lot 76

Ressler Bank Note 715

DOB: 2/23/2017 Tag: 715
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: DDA Gretta 709
Registration No.: 18962754

Ressler Bank Note 715 is a well balanced calving ease prospect that offers cattlemen an outcross. He has ideal length and expresses a Big hip in a moderate frame. His dam is that ideal sized cow producing a consistent BW. He should stamp his calves with that same phenotypic look, the look that will take your calves to the next level come sale day.

Lot 77

Ressler Recharge 713

DOB: 2/23/2017 Tag: 713
SIRE: S A V Recharge 3436
DAM: Silver Creek Jody GM H086
Registration No.: 18962656

This is a very complete maternal Recharge son out of a top producing cow in our herd. He has a maternal quality in his pedigree, one needed to sire fertile and high functioning females. He also has the genetics to sire a quality set of feeder calves, especially with an impressive +117 YW. You will recognize his true value when his daughters come into production.

Lot 78

Ressler All In 739

DOB: 3/3/2017 Tag: 739
SIRE: Deer Valley All In
DAM: Ressler Eraline 538
Registration No.: 18927907

This All In son has unexpected size, stretch, and muscle mass coming from a first calf heifer. He models that Angus breed look, in terms of his extra thickness in his hind quarter, voluminous shape in his rib, and natural width over his top. His dam expresses that same model angus look and comes from a long line of proven producers.

Lot 79

Ressler Fortress 732

DOB: 03/02/17 Tag: 732
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: Ressler M Entello 422
Registration No.: 624612137

Bank Note son out of a cow that has made a lot of noise early in her production career. She boasts a weaning ratio of 2@111. 732 is moderately framed and carries shape into his rib and hind quarter on a sound set of feet and legs. He is the kind that should sire high growth calves.

Lot 80

Ressler Bullseye 753

DOB: 03/14/17 Tag: 753
SIRE: MOGCK Bullseye 303
DAM: Ressler M Eraline 418
Registration No.: 18927949

This is a moderate BW Bullseye son that stands down in his circumference of bone, square in his structure, smooth in his shoulder, and ample shape to his top and hind quarter. He owns an imposing set of performance traits, +73 WW and +128 YW. His young dam carries a weaning ratio of 2@104 and his grand dam holds a noteworthy wean ratio of 9@110. Once again, a bull that influences fertility, longevity, and performance all into one package.

Lot 81

Ressler Bank Note 714

DOB: 02/23/17 Tag: 714
SIRE: Brooking Bank Note 4040
DAM: DDA Gretta 799
Registration No.: 18962753

An attractively made Bank Note son out of a smaller framed cow with an excellent udder and small teats. He harnesses strong maternal strengths coming from both the top and bottom sides. This should provide a fancy set of future replacement heifers to choose from. May be suitable for heifers.

Lot 82

Ressler Bullseye 764

DOB:03/22/2017 Tag: 764
SIRE: MOGCK Bullseye 303
DAM: RAR Rito H778 R150
Registration No.: 18928030

Here is a moderately framed Bullseye son out of an ideal sized and easy keeping cow. He expresses that natural muscle on a working set of feet and legs, allowing him to move out athletically across the pen. He should make an excellent addition to anyone's herd.

Lot 83

Ressler Fortresss 742

DOB: 03/08/17 Tag: 742
SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress
DAM: Ressler Jody 503
Registration No.: 624612141

Ressler Fortress 742 offers a calving ease outcross in a double bred performance package. He could see considerable application in some of the most popular bloodlines cattlemen currently have in their herds. His docile dam exhibits a flawless udder and teats. This bull is stacked with maternal quality going back several generations. His grand-dam earned a weaning ratio of 8@104 and his great grand-dam boasts a weaning ratio of 11@113. This bull will instill maternal quality into a group of replacements.

Lot 84

Ressler Iron 752

DOB: 03/14/17 Tag: 752
SIRE: DCC Iron Mountain 910X 358
DAM: Mogck Eraline 1408
Registration No.: 18928020

This is a deep profiled individual that moves out athletically across the pen. He comes from a line of performance bloodlines that also excel in first time heifer pregnancy retentions. His dam has a HP (fertility rate in daughters) that is ranked in the top 3% in the Angus breed. His strengths many not be realized until his first daughters calves start hitting the ground.

Lot 85

Ressler All In 710

DOB: 03/09/17 Tag:743
SIRE: Deer Valley All In
DAM: Ressler Jody 533
Registration No.: 624612142

Another All In son that demonstrates a smooth shoulder, naturally expressive muscling, and flare through his hip and stifle. His young dam earned an impressive first time weaning ratio of 107 and his grand-dam backs that up with a commanding weaning ration of 11@113. This is a prime example of fertility and longevity that makes up maternal strength.

Lot 86

Ressler Fortress 744

DOB: 03/10/2017  Tag: 744
SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress
DAM: Ressler Jody 501
Registration No.: 18954089

Ressler Fortress 744 is a herd sire prospect offering another opportunity for an outcross. He is a smooth made, moderate BW bull, AI'd 6 generations back. His grand-dam displays a weaning ratio of 4@103 and he himself owns a strong set of WW and YW performance traits. This is an excellent opportunity to own a herd sire that comes from a direct result of strong reproductive fertility.

Lot 87

Ressler Fortress 723

DOB: 02/25/2017  Tag: 723
SIRE: K C F Bennett Fortress
DAM: Ressler Jilt 502
Registration No.: 18954085

This is an attractive Fortress son easily classified as a sleep all night heifer bull. Raised by a young but big barreled, easy fleshing cow, sound in her structure. His grand dam boasts a weaning ratio of 9@110. He has the genetic heritage to produce some powerfully constructed progeny delivered in a calving ease package.

Lot 88

Ressler Bulls Eye 747

DOB: 03/12/17 Tag: 747
SIRE: MOGCK Bullseye 303
DAM: Mogck Rosebud 249
Registration No.: 624612145

Ressler Bullseye 747 excels in the calving ease department and was bred with commercial cattlemen in mind. He stems from a cow moderately framed with consistent producing career and the ability to keep her condition through each year. This bull has lots of volume and capacity through his midsection and moves out effortlessly on a superior set of feet and legs.


Tag: 710
SIRE: Deer Valley All In
DAM: RAR Mentor 213 R309

Ressler All In 710 incorporates structural integrity and maternal quality with base to his rib and breadth across his top. He is smooth made on a sound set of feet and legs. His grand dam has a dependable weaning ratio of 13@101. This bull is phenotypically pleasing to the eye and bring the genetics to your herd.


Tag: 740
SIRE: All In or Bullseye
DAM: 215

Ressler Bullseye 740 moves out smoothly on an excellent set of feet and legs and a moderate frame. He has that stout constructed look with a good depth of rib and width over his top. His dam has a weaning ratio of 4@102 and displays a superior udder and foot quality. This is another example of a bull that will sire both maternal strength and performance in his offspring.


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B/R Ruby 529

Tag: 529

DOB: 09/06/2010

Registration No.: 16721197


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Ressler Jane 706

Tag: 706

DOB: 02/19/2017

Registration No.: 18962707

Ressler Royce 708

Tag: 708

DOB: 02/21/2017

Registration No.:18962654

Ressler Ruby 709

Tag: 709

DOB: 02/22/2017

Registration No.: 18962744

Ressler Jilt 727

Tag: 727

DOB: 03/03/2017

Registration No.: 18954137